Donate your Admission Code

September 12th, 2017  |  Published in Uncategorized

Donate your OU Admissions Code!

All OU alumni are given a code to waive the $40 application fee for one incoming freshman. If you are not planning to use this code then you can donate your code back to the University of Oklahoma. For every code that is donated, OU will waive the application fee for one person who is financially unable to afford it!

How to donate your code:
To donate your code, please email the LA Alumni club with your name and code (the code was emailed to you from

No Code?
If you cannot find your code number, that’s okay! You can STILL donate! Email the LA Alumni club your full name and a message that you want to donate your application code.

Email address:
Subject line: Waiver Code
Body: Full Name + Code OR Full Name
Deadline: Saturday October 14th.


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